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  • Truck Axles like TATA Trucks,
  • 4 Wheeler Axle Shafts,
  • 2 Wheeler Kick Shafts,
  • Gear Shafts,
  • Helical & Straight Splines,
  • Single or Multiple Skipped Tooth Splines and Serrations for steering assembly and special applications

Mfg. of Spline/Serration Rolling Dies for:

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  • Saving of material since no material is removed.
  • Production is much faster than hobbing and some cases 1/10th of hobbing time.
  • Small blank diameter is taken and rolled into bigger diameter. Hence, material saving.
  • Since it is a cold forged process, the strength of the Spline increases, thereby increasing life of the rolled component.
  • Because of cold forging, smaller cross section can transmit more torque than machined Splines.
  • The tool life is very high. Therefore, job consistency is very high compared to hobbing. Hob requires re-sharpening frequently, most of the times after 400 pieces, whereas a Spline Roll can give several thousand pieces before regrinding. In several cases, the life of the Spline Roll is 200 times that of hob life.
  • Hobbed Splines have scallops. Therefore, OPD is measured on the high point of scallops but not on maximum area of conduct.
  • The surface finish of the rolled flanks is extremely high, even better than grinding finish, because of burnishing effect.
  • Greater consistency leading to less rejection.
  • Component surface hardness increases. Therefore, rolled component has better life and simple heat treatment like induction hardening is only required for the finished product.

Advantages of Spline Rolling: